Rise of the Runelords

Our Merry Band of Adventurers


While most of our group has found their way into Varisia and are making their way to Sandpoint, several members are still being assembled. Throughout the next week, our heroes should introduce themselves to one another and tell what they know of the land. Many are returning to their traditional homes while many newcomers are venturing into the northern reaches to visit the new cathedral being built.

Please take this time to introduce characters and their backgrounds. Simple information is honestly the best. More detailed descriptions should be placed within the Character tabs. Let me know if you have any questions about. There is a lot of space for crunch, and even an option to fill in a character sheet, but I’ve not had much luck myself.

Also, be sure to check out the Wiki for information regarding character generation. It’s different from normal, but hopefully will create a more balanced party.



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