Fuck yes, that's an owlbear!

Welcome Back!

I think many of us have played Dungeons & Dragons before, so thanks for the return. If not, come in and enjoy! However, more of you may be unfamiliar with Pathfinder. This is basically a 3.5e expansion: fixes some spells and blank levels, but is fully backward compatible.

Feel free to ask questions, but be sure to check the official Pathfinder RPG Reference Document or the community-maintained D20 Pathfinder SRD. If you are working on content outside of actual play (AP), then try to keep it to the Core Rulebook unless cleared by the DM.

We’re going to use this page to keep track of our adventure. Please use the Adventure Log to add details and help chronicle our sessions. Also, I would ask everyone to create a simple entry in the Characters tab so that we can keep everyone straight. Don’t worry about the character sheets just yet.

Rise of the Runelords

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